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Probably Mostly Photos... and now and again some writing... as I could not draw to save my life. ;P

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Symbio by Ginga Biloba by CatarsisADiez

Okay, so based on the description I like the idea for the set. What I don’t understand, is how the various elements in the shot contrib...

Brooke - Titania 4 by wildplaces

The first thing that caught my eye about this photo in comparison with the rest is the assumed power of the pose. Titania, Queen of the...

2753 by RamonaAnomar

Okay, so I want to like this photo. It's got several of the qualities I enjoy in a portrait. Close up, direct expression, not a "Beamin...

I'm going to start providing the kind of feedback I would love to receive when I do work that I'm looking for an opinion on.

And to anyone who may have received one of my Critiques, I do not believe in the "I like it, so it's all 5's" mentality that seems to permeate most reviewers. A 5 in my mind means that I cannot imagine better, or there is nothing you could possibly work on, which obviously should be a very infrequent thing. On my Scale:

0 = Terribad, and why did I assault myself with this critique
1 = Very Poor, there is not only room for improvement, but you should probably learn from the experience of others. I'm not quite sure what was going on here.
2 = Poor, I can see what you were trying to do, but it's not very well done. Keep practicing though.
3 = Good, You executed your idea.
4 = Very Good, You executed your idea with style, and possibly a visual panache that causes it to stand out.
5 = Excellent, Wow, I am not only floored by this, but I'm learning as I write, and I could only wish that your talent were a teachable thing.

So please, do not misunderstand.



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Matthew A. Rivera
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am What and Who I am.

I'm also 'Finally' updating this blurb to better reflect the manner in which I am currently using this site. ;? Primarily you'll find pictures from my 365 Day Challenge (Outlined to the left there) here, intermixed with whatever other creative urges take me. I had originally wanted to do mostly portrait shots, as those are the shots I prefer, but I don't have a large enough pool of willing models to do so. ;P (I have to twist the arms of those around me to get them to agree to a shot.)

So I've 'Deviated' (*Ba, Dum, Tish*) from that, and what you see is what you get. Also, as this year is a "Learning" exercise, and my 'Primary' focus is actually getting the writing each day... I cannot ask you to expect 'Too Much' from my photos. ;P

"Tools of the Trade":
 So... I'm getting sick of my excuses, and my many reasons 'not' to Art. I proved three years ago that I 'can' do a project more consistently than I've done in past... And then I just kind of stopped. I'm always talking up how busy I am (And it's true, I do keep busy), but there needs to be some judgement in the kind of work I'm soaking my time up with.

 I'm not going to promise this is the year I turn that around and finally take my creative impulses more seriously... But I do promise to try. I will Art in public... And I won't make excuses for it.

Soo... I'm Back... 'Sort Of'

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 8:11 PM
  Man... I've missed this place. Also... Who are all you people viewing my profile but not saying anything? Seriously... if you are reading this 'Right Now'... Say something... Anything. ;P

  Anywho, I'm getting back to writing on a more regular basis (Even though ostensibly, I have even 'Less' time than I did before... O.o!) and I'm desperately jonesing to get back to photography. Even if it's just with my Cell Camera (Which is absolutely nothing to write home about. >.>) So some of that may make it's way on here. We'll see.

  Finally.. HI! Say something! Seriously! ;P

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The Bright light that filled the glass as the wine aged faded, and I opened the case before pouring from the barrel's spout.

"As you can see," I finished pouring the wine that only moments before had been freshly squashed fruit, "it's far quicker and," I took a sip, "Ahhhhh... no less delicious than leaving the kegs sitting around for several years!" I lifted the glass as I'd rehearsed over and over before the event, "Cheers!"

Silence. The crowd arrayed before stood there staring at me as if I'd grown a second head. No applause, not even jeering. Just wide eyed... wonder? fear? Were they waiting for me to turn ill? Perhaps they'd thought I'd aged it too far... Oh!

"Don't worry! I've tried this time and time again!" I reassured the crowd, "This wine is perfect, but if you do happen to over age your wine, you can always dial it back!" I adjusted the dials and turned the age slider back... hopefully not too far... before flipping the switch. A moment's hum and the pitch black behind the glass that accompanied de-aging wine... I'd really have to look into that... and it was done!

I opened the case and tried pouring the wine once more but nothing came out. With a sigh I looked into the barrel and sure enough... fruit. Unsquished and whole again. "Bah! I'll just have to press this again... Just a moment!" the crowd gasped as I began pulling the fruit from the barrel.

I'd failed. Any moment now I was going to be laughed off the stage and I'd never be taken seriously again! They were whispering now, and was someone... crying?Why couldn't I get that last bit right! Every time I went to de-age the wine it was different. Aging was fine, but reversing it... What was so hard about...

I let the grapes fall from my fingers as the gravity of what I'd built hit me. By all that was sound in the world. What had I done... The tensioner needed less pressure to go back than forward. That was it! How could I have been such a fool!

“What is a God?”

 Oh… not this lecture again. Was it really that time again already? Why did I keep popping in to this classroom. These humans repeated themselves so frequently that it was maddening checking in more than every few rotations or so… But it was time to align myself to their new forms of worship, and to maybe pick a follower or two…

“Yes, Jaymson,” the… teacher, or so they called her, continued.

“An immortal being beyond the imagination of man with immense power over…”

 I laughed, causing their mobile altars to flicker in the process, though none seemed to notice. It was quite comical. These humans had such naïve ideas about the Gods... Immense power indeed. I was lucky to be among the greater deities in this reality myself… but some, like poor lost Zeus, were lucky to make it across the divide these days. With no real worshippers and only ever referred to in fables… well… he wasn’t long for this phase. He’d really begun taking a shine to the littlings four phases over though… so maybe he’d continue to scrape by.

 I considered the satellites the humans had set above this world and began watching them from above. So many of them, and so many of that number dependent upon my life blood. They built monuments to me across the world, and every year more and more came to worship me. Not by any one name of course, but then, I had been more careful in threading myself to their worship, taking lessons I grudgingly acknowledge from the deity going by G O D here.

 Some younger deities enjoyed the thrill of presence, and would thread themselves to not only a name, but to a persona, an entity even, pouring extravagant gifts into the beings that curried favor with them… It was perhaps a failing of our kind, and reason we were less prolific than the beings that fed us. Capital G though… he’d threaded himself to the very idea of deital worship, something many of us could not believe had not been done before. So he wore many names, and took tributes and gifts from all over this phase… squeezing out the smaller deities that had chosen simpler concepts to take power from.

 It had taken some doing… and I’ll admit, some luck, but I was no longer afraid to cross the divide now that my followers had provided me with so much devotion. I liked to think I rivaled the big G, but there was no need to test that yet. Ahh… Those humans seem open… Perhaps I would find another Larry and Sergey yet…
I've entered into a writing competition... Nothing too fancy, but it's a good slow roll into writing more...    

I handed him the book and leaned back against the wall beside him.

"So what?" he asked, looking over the intricate leather cover with a picture of vines interweaving the planks of an old house MY old house...

"Just... read it," I beckoned, "tell me what you think."

Rolling his eyes he tried handing the book back, "Seriously Dana?" but I put my hands up between us refusing it.

"Just read like the first few pages, and I'll leave off," I said to him.

I hadn't told him anything about the book. How could I? It was weird to find a book with an etched cover that looked so much like my old home with the year I was born worked into the design. I had flipped through the first bit of it to find strange little snippets of stories arranged in columns on each page. So yeah it was weird... but weird in a cool way. I'd decided to check it out and read it later... or I tried to.

There was no tag, and the librarian insisted that they didn't have a book like that on their shelves, assuring me that he'd have remembered a book with a cover like this one. So he told me I could just take it.

I had started going through it a little more once I made it home, reading a few of the stories... and there was something about them... like I'd heard them before or something.

"Fine, Whatever," he muttered before sitting back against his bedroom wall, "I mean, it's got a cool cover at least," he continued to mutter as he began flipping through the first few pages.

I couldn't see any cohesion in the first few stories. Jumbled descriptions of strange shapes, and stranger lights. It was like an acid trip written out in snippets. So I'd skipped ahead a bit and that's where it really started getting freaky.

19870512-1 In bed. Sarah's sleeping on the bed beside me. It's quiet. The man in the hat is looking in the window. I'm scared. He's standing at the foot of my bed. It's hard to breath. He's walking towards me. I can't get out I 

dropped the book. What the hell was this. At the time, I could feel a shiver moving from the outside of my arms towards my spine, and my stomach had clenched itself into a knot.

"It's weird alright," he said, snapping the book shut, "so what? Someone wrote a weird book, but you checked it out, so I don't see where..."

"No!" I cut him off, "Now flip to the back, read from there," I instructed him.

"Hey!" he frowned, "You just wanted me to read the..." he could see something in my expression and he sighed, "What... Ev... er..." he flipped the book back open and turned to the back.

I'd already read from the back. After reading that story... that... it was impossible what I'd read. There was no way someone could have... but then in the back...

20020202 I was standing in the office looking for something. My mom was there, cleaning the top of the lamps with her duster, and John burst through the door holding a knife. "I caught it! Come out and look, I caught it this time!" he was shouting. The two of us walked out from under the canopy and started following the old trail behind the house. Sarah turned to me from the passenger seat and asked how long the road was going to be. I tried to assure her we were almost there, but then 

I threw the book across the room at that point. That was impossible. All of this was impossible. I remember my heart beating too fast, and thinking I was going to be sick. There was no way that...

"What the hell Dana?" he was looking up at me, a look somewhere between confusion and... something else warring for a place in his gaze, "Did you?" he gestured absently with his hand, "get somone to make this!"

"No!" I sat up my recline, "Like I told you, I found this book in the kids section at the library!"

"And it just happens to have my most recent dreams in the back of it right?" he snapped, tossing the book at me.

I just stared at him as the book bounced off my lap, "Your dreams..."

Dream Journal (Flash Fic)
I popped into the WritingPrompts Subreddit and was inspired by this one:…

I may have strayed a hair from the prompt, but I like what came of it. It's nice to stretch these typing fingers out a smidge.


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