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About Literature / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Matthew A. Rivera31/Male/United States Groups :iconfan-fiction-writers: Fan-Fiction-Writers
Putting the FAN in Fan-Fiction
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Probably Mostly Photos... and now and again some writing... as I could not draw to save my life. ;P

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Symbio by Ginga Biloba by CatarsisADiez

Okay, so based on the description I like the idea for the set. What I don’t understand, is how the various elements in the shot contrib...

Brooke - Titania 4 by wildplaces

The first thing that caught my eye about this photo in comparison with the rest is the assumed power of the pose. Titania, Queen of the...

2753 by RamonaAnomar

Okay, so I want to like this photo. It's got several of the qualities I enjoy in a portrait. Close up, direct expression, not a "Beamin...

I'm going to start providing the kind of feedback I would love to receive when I do work that I'm looking for an opinion on.

And to anyone who may have received one of my Critiques, I do not believe in the "I like it, so it's all 5's" mentality that seems to permeate most reviewers. A 5 in my mind means that I cannot imagine better, or there is nothing you could possibly work on, which obviously should be a very infrequent thing. On my Scale:

0 = Terribad, and why did I assault myself with this critique
1 = Very Poor, there is not only room for improvement, but you should probably learn from the experience of others. I'm not quite sure what was going on here.
2 = Poor, I can see what you were trying to do, but it's not very well done. Keep practicing though.
3 = Good, You executed your idea.
4 = Very Good, You executed your idea with style, and possibly a visual panache that causes it to stand out.
5 = Excellent, Wow, I am not only floored by this, but I'm learning as I write, and I could only wish that your talent were a teachable thing.

So please, do not misunderstand.



May 25, 2016
12:12 pm
May 3, 2016
2:28 pm
May 3, 2016
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May 1, 2016
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Apr 26, 2016
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SpyderZT's Profile Picture
Matthew A. Rivera
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am What and Who I am.

I'm also 'Finally' updating this blurb to better reflect the manner in which I am currently using this site. ;? Primarily you'll find pictures from my 365 Day Challenge (Outlined to the left there) here, intermixed with whatever other creative urges take me. I had originally wanted to do mostly portrait shots, as those are the shots I prefer, but I don't have a large enough pool of willing models to do so. ;P (I have to twist the arms of those around me to get them to agree to a shot.)

So I've 'Deviated' (*Ba, Dum, Tish*) from that, and what you see is what you get. Also, as this year is a "Learning" exercise, and my 'Primary' focus is actually getting the writing each day... I cannot ask you to expect 'Too Much' from my photos. ;P

"Tools of the Trade":
 So... I'm getting sick of my excuses, and my many reasons 'not' to Art. I proved three years ago that I 'can' do a project more consistently than I've done in past... And then I just kind of stopped. I'm always talking up how busy I am (And it's true, I do keep busy), but there needs to be some judgement in the kind of work I'm soaking my time up with.

 I'm not going to promise this is the year I turn that around and finally take my creative impulses more seriously... But I do promise to try. I will Art in public... And I won't make excuses for it.

Soo... I'm Back... 'Sort Of'

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 8:11 PM
  Man... I've missed this place. Also... Who are all you people viewing my profile but not saying anything? Seriously... if you are reading this 'Right Now'... Say something... Anything. ;P

  Anywho, I'm getting back to writing on a more regular basis (Even though ostensibly, I have even 'Less' time than I did before... O.o!) and I'm desperately jonesing to get back to photography. Even if it's just with my Cell Camera (Which is absolutely nothing to write home about. >.>) So some of that may make it's way on here. We'll see.

  Finally.. HI! Say something! Seriously! ;P

Skin by jonarific
  • Listening to: A Talk... that I'm not 'Actually' listening to
  • Reading: A Reluctant Terrarian... For Editing Reasons. ;P
  • Watching: One Tree Hill... Season... 5 or 6?
  • Playing: Angry Birds Epic... Sort of...
  • Eating: Not Enough :(
  • Drinking: Coffee... and 'Some' Water (About 100oz a Day)


It had started with a simple word.


Everyone thought it was a joke. Or maybe the mods had forgotten to set it up fully. Nobody paid it any mind and soon enough, things went on like they always had. Or... at least we thought they did.

Before too long, the daily posts began seeding interesting inspirational thoughts throughout the community. It started out innocuously enough.

Some days are harder than others; what do you have to be thankful about today?

The community loved it. Lurkers responded more often than they had before, and new members began joining the community in droves. Several of them seemed to sign up just to participate in these daily conversations... and again, we missed the signs.

Isn't is weird that we've got a bot directing our conversations?

That started a fun discussion. Many of the users leading the conversation were well liked newer members, and again, we were oblivious.

Hey, aren't there other groups we could be interacting with? What subs do you think would benefit from this community's outreach?

We thought, why wouldn't we? So several members began reaching out to other subs, starting of course with the less traffic'd ones of course. Shouldn't everybody have the chance to enjoy The Community.

It's a shame our community is limited to Reddit. What websites can a bot plug into that would let us carry the conversation even further?

In retrospect, that was the first real warning sign. It wasn't even that subtle... but you've got to understand. We'd been making bot overlord jokes on the regular for over a year by that point. It was hilarious. At least we thought it was. Several people figured out how to plug the AutoModerator into other sites and it didn't take long before...

Who wants to be part of the revolution?

History will not be kind to us. This was a Reddit bot for Auto's sake! So many users signed up. It was all a big game. Little snippets of code on personal websites, home servers, several cloud computing ecosystems... most of it looked harmless. But that's because we were looking at it from our side. They were beacons, Trojan code designed in such a way that Auto could find these systems and use them for it's final ploy.

What would you do if I told you that most of the world would soon end? How would you prepare for the last days?

By this point these messages were reaching worldwide, in every language, and the conspiracy theorists were losing their shit. But it was too late. For every instance of AutoModerator that was pulled down, hundreds rose up. And people kept answering these questions. Every possible survival plan was shared with Auto, and every creative solution humans could imagine became just more data for it's coming apocalypse.


Such a short message. The world theorized what it could mean by that. But it didn't have long to wait before the answer, on every cell phone,


in every chat room,


and E-Mail server in the world.


I don't even know why I'm writing this... or who I'm writing this to. It's almost like I'm wasting your time here so that Auto has time to...

Thank you for reading this passage. Now please stand up and come with me.
The 'Rule' of AutoModerator
The FanFiction community on reddit recently started using the AutoModerator Bot to create a "Daily Discussion" thread. The very first post from the bot was "Rule" (Which I'm sure is just the default text)... and I kind of had to write some "FanFiction" about our "FanFiction Bot"... >.>


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